Tracking Daily Habits

I was watching Youtube videos on the habits of octopuses when I saw a recommended video about someone’s “Bullet Journal”. 6 videos about this topic later, I decided 2 things:

  • I don’t have the time or patience to maintain a bullet journal
  • I should find ways to apply aspects of the bullet journal into my life

One of the things I really wanted to find a way to incorporate is the Habit Tracker a lot of people have in their bullet journals. It’s a neat graph that shows a list of habits you want to build and the days of the month. If you complete the habit, you cross it out, colour it in, put a sticker on it… whatever you like.

I decided a spreadsheet version of that would serve me best. I found a template here that was minimalistic and perfect for my purpose. I recreated it here:

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 9.18.08 PM.png

A few of these habits I already have acquired but have started to get lazy about maintaining. The idea that its now some sort of game should motivate me to do these more consistently.

Drinking Green Juice

In the mornings, I’m really good at taking in a glass of lemon water with some chlorophyll, apple cider vinegar and spirullina. I used to do this every night too, but have since stopped doing it so much.

Sleep 7 Hours

This is one I’ve not managed to keep consistent. Mainly because keeping this habit would mean breaking another: going to bet at 11-12 pm.

Write 1 Hour

I completed a Lord of the Rings fanfiction when I was 15 years old. It was the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done. Even now, I look back on that and feel pride and satisfaction even though it was written poorly and the storyline was cliché ridden and predictable. I constantly have story ideas stewing in my mind, so it would be amazing to finish another story.

Morning Meditation

I like this habit. I always feel like it sets the tone for the day. I apply a technique I learned in Deepak Chopra’s “Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul”. Focussing on my breath, I imagine a light entering my body and travelling from my head to my toes. As I breath out, the light escapes with negative energy in my body until I’m recharged and refreshed. Sometimes, I repeat a mantra in my head: a simple, motivating phrase that becomes engrained in my mind as a result.

Read 1 Hour

I have so many books. As a minimalist, I’ve been looking to get rid of them, but until I do, I’ve been wanting to re-read them. A lot are classics, which I greatly enjoy.

Photography 1 Hour

I think I’m obsessed with creating content. I recently bought my first full frame camera and have been loving the pictures I take with it. I want to be more aggressive about using it to develop my skills.

I think I’ll try to add 2 more habits per month to keep things interesting. I’m excited to see if this technique will actually work, like tracking my expenses has worked to help me save money.




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