Trimming Down My Grocery Budget

Last month, my husband and I spent over $600 on groceries. This was a huge shock… we couldn’t even remember what made us spend so much. So this month, we decided to really  watch our grocery spending and as the end of March approaches, I think we’re on the right track.

We’re not at the end of the month just yet, but so far we’ve spent $229.33 on groceries. This is about half of what we spent in February on groceries. Here’s how I think we did it:

  1. Spent less on meat and fish:

Meat and fish are so expensive! I remember in February, we continuously bought roasts and other meat items simply because they were on sale. This month, we’ve been more cautious about buying $16 roasts and buying meat in bulk. We also found that buying meat in bulk didn’t necessarily save us any money as some meat ended up getting freezer-burnt and spoiled in our freezer after awhile.

2. Sticking to the list:

It’s so tempting to go into a grocery store and peruse the aisles to catch some great deals for future recipes. Here’s why that technique didn’t really help us. Buying extra items when you don’t need them end up buried in the cupboard collecting dust and forgotten. So, when a recipe comes along that requires it, I end up repurchasing it.

3. Make a game of it – “Only if it’s on Sale”:

My husband and I love this challenge. It’s actually one of the big reasons we’ve cut down on meat.We’ve had bad timing with meat catching the sales, so we’ve had to be more creative in planning dinners.

4. Make meals from ingredients you already have:

There are a lot of items I buy that last us a long time. So when the fresh meat and veggies get low and we’re trying to figure dinner out, we looked at what we already had and planned dinner based on the recipes that only required us to buy 1 or two items.

5. Try to buy things that will provide leftovers:

In February, we bought a lot of one and done items. Things like expensive lobsters that were on sale, pork chops that came in a pack of 2, and other things that we finished off in 1 meal. This March, we focussed on dinners that lasted us several days like crockpot meals, a huge batch of chicken soup, and big pasta dishes.

I think in April we’ll be able to continue these techniques for an even bigger savings on groceries.


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